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Safety and detector mats


SM8 Safety mat Safety Mats are protective devices for making surface area danger zones safe from the danger of pinching. Depending on the switching principle, they are offered as a normally closed contact or a break contact. The task of the Safety Mats is to protect people against dangerous moving units in automated production processes. Typical areas of application are found for example on machines, systems and robots.


When a person steps on a safety mat, the control unit detects it and the safety contact of the control unit opens. Safety mats can be linked end-on-end, and the final mat must have a terminating resistor if not 4-wires connection. The mats can also be used as a switch without a terminating resistor, but in that case they are not allowed to be used as safety equipment.

SM Safety mat

SM11 Safety mat

TS safety step

SM8 Safety mat