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As equipment and machines become more complex, new safety mechanisms are needed. Varetek Oy supplies and assembles safety equipment primarily for machine safety, door and gate manufacturers, hospital equipment, the furniture industry and public transport together with Mayser Gmbh. Mayser Gmbh is a leading manufacturer of products in its sector in Europe.


Machine safety‌

Varetek Oy designs, assembles and supplies safety edges together with Mayser Gmbh, the leading manufacturer in Europe. We also supply safety mats and bumpers for industrial applications.

Doors and gates

Varetek Oy supplies safety edges to prevent getting pinched by or jammed in all kinds of doors and gates.

Hospital equipment

Miniature safety edges are an excellent fit for modern motorised patient treatment equipment such as hospital beds, dentist's chairs and treatment tables.

Furniture industry

Miniature safety edges can also be used to protect against pinching or shearing risks caused by motorised kitchen appliances and furniture. There are many different models of miniature safety edges available, certain to provide a suitable solution for any application.

Public transport

Mayser Gmbh is a leading manufacturer of safety edges for train, bus and subway train doors.